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Back when much of today’s software and technology was 
a faraway idea, our founders were already trying to make it better.

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Through our decades of experience in development, we’ve seen just about everything. Which is why we’ve developed solutions that answer nearly every type of project, in any industry, of any scope.


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Breaking Into Tech

Breaking Into Tech

Beginning my first role as a developer at SEQTEK was just like every other step in this journey, it started out very difficult. There is a curve to going from a learning environment to a real world environment just like any job. Though it...

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Legacy Software

Legacy Software

Definition What it isn’t According to Dictionary.com, Legacy, used as an adjective in the term Legacy Software, the definition is: leg·​a·​cy | /le-gə-sē/  - of or relating to old or outdated computer hardware, software, or data that, while...

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