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Pioneering Digital Transformation Since 1999

SEQTEK started in Tulsa, OK in 1999 and has been partnering with companies for over 20 years to create custom software development, implement data integrations, and help deliver digital transformations for our partners . We have grown to Dallas, TX, Kansas City, MS, Austin, TX, Oklahoma City, OK and Houston, TX. Our passion drives our process and communication with our partners. We believe in full transparency before, throughout, and after every project. SEQTEK’s goal has remained the same: Help companies build and use technology to increase efficiency and profitability. Our passion as a company is to build our clients software that provides real value. Successful completion is more than getting it done, it is about understanding the problem and providing a solution on time that benefits the organization. We believe in planning the work, and then working the plan. 

Finding a company that can help implement a digital transformation strategy can be difficult. Outsourcing software development services requires trust, technical expertise, and a high degree of understanding. Software projects are difficult, costly, and oftentimes mystical to those that don’t understand the needs behind the scenes, which is why we commit a full-time Product Owner (manager) to each of our clients, work closely with all stakeholders, provide our clients full transparency into the project and continuously show working software code every two weeks through our stakeholder demos. At the end of our projects, we deliver completed software solutions for your business so that you don’t need to rely on us for long-term maintenance. We love the motto, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”  We live in a highly competitive, results driven world.  Our passion for people and technology allow us to be the technology leader in the Midwest.

Setting an end goal for digital transformation can be difficult due to the lack of internal resources that each company has. Kicking off a project and defining each stage can be even more costly if not strategically implemented.  SEQTEK partners with organizations to help successfully execute end to end digital transformation including software development outsourcing processes within the digital transformation model. As we move into the future we find that cloud computing, data integrations, and the goal for end-to-end digital transformation is rapidly growing. We build software to automate repetitive tasks, automate complex processes, build effective strategies tailored to the customer, and to centralize data. Every client is different and therefore, every strategy is different depending on the needs, goals, and objectives of the stakeholders. However, there is a chance that in your attempt to increase efficiency, you create more overhead through a software project that never gets done or one that is “complete” but requires continuous support. One of our customers explained to us that a major way SEQTEK has helped them is that we have avoided what they describe as the “long tail of maintenance.”

Every application is a collection of tiny details. With the amount of details it takes to build an application, the chance of breaking one of those tiny details is dramatically increased as the software application gets bigger and integrated with other systems. We use Agile methodology to collaborate with our clients that helps eliminate any surprises and keep our shareholders engaged to know where we are at in the process. Communication is the most common reason for projects to fail. According to The Standish Report, 68% of projects are considered “improbable” due to the project not delivering the initial requirements, lack of functionality, and going over time and budget. Over the last 20 years we have found proven processes that help deliver more efficiently. 

We give you a successfully completed software project so that you can become more efficient in your business. This requires SEQTEK to focus on a few key activities:

  • Understand your business problem so that we know what to solve
  • Continuously work with the users of the software to ensure we deliver value
  • Define what it means to be completed 
  • Deliver the software as a completed solution

There are two ways that SEQTEK accomplishes the key activities listed above:

  • We communicate with you to understand your business, focusing on challenges and desired solutions
  • We don’t tell you about our progress, we show you

Our Localshoring model allows us to work closely with your team and we are confident we will solve the right problems in the right way, using the most innovative technologies and solutions we can. We have successfully delivered nationally and regionally with nearshoring projects based in Kansas City, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Austin, Houston, Tulsa, and across the US.   

Localshoring™ can be defined as offshoring but local. You may have also heard the term, Nearshoring.  Nearshoring is the idea that the company you have partnered with is somewhat more centralized to your time zone or at least, closer to you than the traditional offshoring model.  Localshoring™ is our way of effectively managing, communicating, and delivering your digital transformation strategy – without the hassle of outsourcing it where key elements of the process can be lost. With Localshoring™ at SEQTEK, we have found that communication is the most important factor that affects a project’s quality, time, and budget. When outsourcing software and delivering digital transformation strategies, a company must find a trusted resource with someone they can feel confident will deliver.  

There are several advantages to Localshoring™:

  1. Increases velocity and provides better quality of service
  2. Better communication throughout the process due to closer proximity, same language, and time zone
  3. Reduces long-tail of maintenance that is produced by not fully completing code
  4. Increases security
SEQTEK locations

SEQTEK manages the development process and you have a guarantee that your project will get done to the conditions we set together at the beginning and throughout the project. We’ve done it enough times to know it is not easy and must be respected. We work with you throughout the project showing you what we have done through continuous demos so that you and SEQTEK can communicate clearly. Every development project is unique and comes with its own set of obstacles, but we’ll work through every step with open communication and demos that let you know where we stand in the process.  We expect every project to have obstacles which they do, however with our Agile methodology and communication we keep close to the defined needs of the project and work with our clients to correct any changes or surprises.  

Projects have the constant potential to get off course. Nobody appreciates project managers until they have to be one, or live without a good one. Timelines get shaky, budgets get blown, and no one knows what responsibilities belong to whom. You can see how easily a big project gets derailed. Care to avoid that? We certainly do and we can help you manage it.  

Would you like to have a trusted resource to help implement your next project? We can help guide you through your digital transformation journey and minimize the risks. Managing and knowing the long term risks is more critical than ever and yet it is easily overlooked at every stage. Allow us to help eliminate those risks.  

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