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Meet Hank Haines

Passionate Software Developers Since 1999

SEQTEK was founded in 1999 by Kurt Green and Hank Haines with a simple idea: help companies move their enterprise data to the Internet. They both had a background in enterprise systems and Hank and his brother, Mike Haines (who later joined the company from IBM), had a background with the Internet. Hank and Mike had started an Internet service provider in Bartlesville, OK in 1995 and began writing code for the Internet.

In 2007, a product called VetSource®, that SEQTEK developed as its own product, was sold to a company funded by VCA. VetSource went from a SEQTEK product to its own company and is a thriving business today. As part of that, Hank Haines became the sole owner of SEQTEK and continued his focus on building successful software for customers across the U.S.

Over the years, SEQTEK has helped companies integrate their enterprise systems, pull data from the oil field, push data into shipping systems, collect contracts for health club billing systems, complete real estate purchases, clear checks, push funds into bank accounts, create e-commerce systems, and more. SEQTEK’s goal has remained the same: help companies build and use software to increase efficiency and profitability.

Our passion as a company is to build our clients software that provides value. Successful completion is more than getting it done, it is about understanding the problem and providing a solution on time that benefits the organization. Software projects are difficult, costly, and oftentimes mystical to those that don’t understand, which is why we commit a full-time product owner (manager) to each of our clients, work closely with all stakeholders, provide our clients full transparency about what is being worked on and when, and continuously show working code every two weeks through our stakeholder demos. At the end of our projects, we deliver completed software solutions to your business so that you don’t need to rely on us for long-term maintenance.


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