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The Problem

The agriculture industry has relied on the most current technologies, research and science to make productive and profitable recommendations for thousands of growers on millions of acres.

Our client has laboratory facilities complementing industry agronomic services to measure fertility, tailor field inputs, and increase yields. They used leading edge technology to monitor growers’ soil moisture to provide insights into wilting, growth, and water levels in soil. In their  efforts to continuously innovate in the agriculture industry, they needed cloud-based solutions to collect data from fields, analyze it, and communicate the findings to growers. The growers also used this data to determine existing hardware locations to provide insight to new locations. WIth a huge task in front of them, they needed additional resources to help hit deadlines. 



The Solution

Our client trusted SEQTEK to create a dashboard using React, GraphQL, JavaScript, and Bootstrap to get data from the cloud and display it in a web-based application. This application utilized Google Maps to display coordinates of the fields and devices. Also, the application displayed soil moisture levels in timeline form, where the data was either individualized or averaged over all devices. By adding SEQTEK to the project, we were able to help get their deadlines met and satisfy their customers. 



    The Outcome

    SEQTEK developed a cloud based platform that gave our client the ability to accurately and effectively analyze data from their devices to make more informed decisions. Wait times and labor costs were minimized as a result of this platform. Moving forward, SEQTEK will be able to jump into their environment and provide velocity as a trusted partner.



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