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Legacy Migration

What is Legacy Code?

“Legacy” code is another way of saying old, outdated code that limits scalability of future projects. Languages such as VB.NET are no longer supported by newer platforms, causing lots of headaches when companies attempt to upgrade their coding environment.

A few characteristics of legacy code: 

  • Maintained by someone that’s not the original author
  • Currently used in a project and needs to be replaced
  • Outdated language or platform

Disadvantages to Legacy

There’s a good reason why companies are transitioning from their old and outdated legacy code to a newer environment. Legacy code severely limits project scalability, security, affordability, and efficiency. Companies are learning that while their legacy code may work for now, it won’t be sufficient in the near future.

Notable disadvantages of legacy code:

  • No easy way to test it
  • No longer actively developed
  • Costly and untimely for a business


Companies hindered by legacy code

Thousand lines of code is worth more than $1 million in technical debt

Billion dollars spent on legacy code in 2018

Transferring to .NET Core

Companies have realized the value in transitioning to a .NET Core framework to reduce costs and increase their ability to scale. Think of a legacy transition to .NET Core as buying a new car, making it much easier to add new features, perform maintenance, and improve appearance. 

Benefits of Transferring with SEQTEK

The benefits of transitioning to a .NET Core framework are undeniably worth the time and cost. With SEQTEK, companies have enjoyed:

  • More accessibility to their code
  • Added scalability to their projects
  • Faster speeds with asynchronous patterns
  • Multiple development styles and modes
legacy code vs new environment
  • Client satisfaction 97% 97%
  • Clients who saw a lower turnover rate 90% 90%
  • Clients who made a transition to cloud within 1 year 75% 75%
  • Clients who immediately updated their UI/UX interface 60% 60%

Kickstarting a Digital Framework

Moving on from legacy frameworks are proven to lead a company’s digital transformation. Without the burden of old code, limited access, tireless investigation into old frameworks, and out-of-date styling, companies can focus on growing their business.

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