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The Problem

Organizations are realizing the value of data. Sending information via email is like sending data into the wild; You cannot collect it, utilize it, or use it for any kind of trends or forecasting.  

Sending and collecting data is an opportunity for a company to streamline their process and use that data to forecast and analyze trends. A transportation company in the energy industry was previously relying on email to send the data from the field to the internal operations team for communication. However, in doing so, there was no way to capture this data, run reports, or streamline a cost effective process. They wanted the ability to collect clean data from the field to the office and have access to capture that data to use for improved process, forecasting, and analyzing trends. The back and forth emails were causing communication issues and delays to multiple areas between operations, billing, and customer service. 


The Solution

Our client trusted SEQTEK to come up with a process that allowed field engineers to input the data and send the collected data to the operations team at HQ. Our team built a custom web application using an SQL Server, .NET Core, React, and AWS to centralize the data gathering into one location on the cloud available anywhere. We gave specific reporting access to different departments that would allow them to do their job more efficiently cutting labor time by 30%. To help cut down on the amount of data entry from billing, we agreed to add a custom feature to automate their billing and help get them to a straight through processing environment and free up all the time used on manual data entry. 

    The Outcome

    The field engineers were excited to simply input the numbers into the fields required and hit “Send”. This simplified their jobs and helped cut down on miscommunication.  Our client was able to make forecasting and data modeling decisions with confidence using the data collected and was able to reduce errors and miscommunications between the engineers in the field, analysts, and managers. This allowed them to provide real time feedback to their internal team and customers. They were no longer waiting on the data to travel back and forth through email. This created a more timely process with better accuracy on data, and a higher level of confidence. Streamlining their billing into the web application gave their billing department over 25% more time and accuracy. Overall the company was able to save time, improve communication, and increase their margins. 

    We love how easy the application is to use for both the engineers in the field and the supervisors in the office. Since it’s a web-based app, we can pull up the same information in the office that our engineers are viewing when they’re out on-site and with new software releases every four weeks, we continue to see improvements and new features that make our lives easier.

    – CFO

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