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The Problem

Our client is a pioneer in the payment processing industry. They offer multi payment solutions for their customers that includes kiosks, web payments, and mobile. 

They developed a proprietary application that supports their platform and has been very successful for over 15 years. Companies today are having a difficult time trying to keep up with their backlog of software tasks, maintain the current codebase, and work on new projects. They faced the same problem as everyone else needing more software resources and needed a solution to help create new features while updating legacy systems into modernized software platforms that are scalable and more efficient.  

The Solution

Our client trusted SEQTEK to build, develop, and deploy a web-based platform for their customers. This allowed their current software developers to stay on task with their demanding schedules, backlogs, and requests while SEQTEK took on the new functionality features.  Building in Angular 11, Typescript, and C# .NET, we built a custom application that their internal team would be able to support.



    The Outcome

    SEQTEK led the development of this product while keeping costs under budget and delivering the product on schedule. Frustrated software developers from all companies suffer from maintaining old legacy systems while feeling the stress to build out new technologies. By partnering together, we are able to allow customers to focus on their backlog, update their internal environment, and have a trusted software partner to help jump in as needed.  



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