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The Problem

A national company that rents out high quality audio/video equipment for concerts, podcasts, and much more, turned to SEQTEK to develop a website that was integrated with their rental inventory management system. They were using a website that required inventory data to be entered manually one-by-one, they had no way to tie their website to their inventory data. This obviously took up a massive amount of labor hours.

Operating a manual inventory application can lead to several problems within a company’s internal processes. With this being said, it was difficult to always have the correct inventory numbers entered. This was a huge problem for MicRentals with double booking from customers. Something would be listed as available, however it wasn’t because the data had not been manually updated yet. Between the inconsistency, real time availability, and labor hours needed, they were looking for a solution.


The Solution

Our client trusted SEQTEK to come up with the solution to create their custom website and integrate that with RentMan. RentMan is a company that is based in the rental industry and manages rental inventory. Integrating the two platforms to communicate together in real time allowed users to go onto the website, order supplies, make a payment, and see the tracking. It gave them the ability to create an Amazon style website for their customers. 

    The Outcome

    The integrated website became an automated inventory management rather than manual. After the deployment, they had a 35% increase in rental orders in the first quarter. They were able to take the labor hours used from manual data and dedicate that to the business needs. This solution made for a better user experience and decreased the amount of mistakes made with orders. On top of that, MicRentals employees no longer had to worry about inputting the inventory data constantly. We were able to deliver increased efficiency, save time, and build a scalable model for growth.

     “Before the new website, I was spending most of my time checking inventory by hand and either reaching out to customers when items were out of stock or scrambling to purchase that equipment so that we could still rent it. Now that I trust my inventory stock, I can focus my efforts on shipping new deliveries and ensuring rentals are returned on time.”

    – Warehouse Manager

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