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Edge Computing

Providing Reliable Edge Computing Software

In certain industries, there’s no room for the unexpected. Things have to go right, even when your crew is remote. Even if you lose network connectivity, you can still count on edge software from SEQTEK. Edge software is the area we’ve pioneered for over two decades, and we’re still pushing the technology today. There are several advantages that draw companies to edge technology: lower prices, faster speed, higher data storage and efficient bandwidth usage.  Edge technology allows your systems to communicate with each other and still function—regardless of location or network connection—without human intervention. Edge computing keeps all data together near where the devices that analyze and gather the information are rather than at a far-away data center. That way the integrity of your operation stays intact.




Decentralized Processing Power

Importance of Data

Data is processed at the periphery of the network, as close to the originating source as possible. Data is the lifeblood of modern business, providing valuable business insight and supporting real-time control over critical business processes and operations. Information is collected from sensors and IoT devices operating in real time from remote locations and inhospitable operating environments almost anywhere in the world. Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and several other industries are looking for solutions to gather data from devices in the field and transmitting that data real time back to the office.

The problem companies are facing is that traditional computing paradigm built on a centralized data center and everyday internet isn’t well suited to move seamlessly. Bandwidth limitations, latency issues, and unpredictable network disruptions can all conspire to impair such efforts. This requires expertise in this field to find tailored solutions. Trying to tell your internal staff to tackle these issues without having done this before can cause a delayed and altered solution. Rather than trying to implement edge computing with trial and error, reach out today to get a head start.

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