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SEQTEK is known for partnering with companies to help deliver, complete, and deploy custom software applications. Across the globe, and across industries, companies have turned to third party custom software companies to tap into scalable resources to drive their business forward. The traditional offshoring model is the most successful vehicle for getting code outsourced at a cheaper rate. 

The reality is that offshoring comes with hidden costs. 

Time spent rewriting code, not getting the features that match the requirements, and the back and forth miscommunication has proven costly.  

Software is hard. Adding layers of miscommunication can compound the problem. Writing customized code is widely popular because it’s the difference between surviving organizations & thriving organizations. Outsourcing software requires finding a trusted partner who has a proven process. Nearshoring is the new popular term which gives clients access to same time zones, similar coding styles, and tighter communication. 


Leading Your Company’s Digital Transformation

Increasing Productivity by Decreasing Overhead

Our process allows clients access to insight on what we are working on and we deliver completed code every 2 weeks.  This helps us stay on track with the goals set.  Software development projects will always go through changes throughout the process. However, if managed properly, changes are limited and addressed quickly.  

With our 20+ year history of providing industry shaping solutions, we get excited about your needs. You know your business best, so we want to learn how a custom-built software solution could accelerate you past your competition. Every company is going through a form of digital transformation and finding the right partner can make or break your business.  

We specialize in a wide variety of frameworks and languages.  Examples of our expertise include Microsoft, C#. .NET Core, Azure, ASP.NET, VB.NET, Java, C++, Python, SQL, JavaScript, PHP, Angular, React, R, and many more.  No matter the scope of the project, we have a deep knowledge of software development and a passion for delivering real value. We have dedicated hours & hours to complete a meticulous vetting process for our team of engineers, and allows us to boast that we employ the top 10% of software developers. You can rest assured that your project is being completed by experts – we don’t learn on the job. Let us know how we can help your digital transformation needs. 

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How Outsourcing Software Can Help You

Benefits and Partner Requirements

Benefits of outsourcing software development:

  • You don’t hire additional employees – or add workload to existing workforce
  • Access to expert talent pool – sourced by experts, leading to lower labor costs
  • Added security to your project
  • Added velocity to drive efforts to a completion

How to identify the right outsourcing partner:

Communication should be fluid. Find a partner in a similar time zone, that is easy to get a hold of and understand.

Process: Methodology, collaboration, and insight into the progress of the project are crucial to insure success. Make sure your outsourcing partner identifies the needs of your initiative with ideas into your timeline, your budget, and which of your key stakeholders need to be involved.

Examples: Work history is crucial in identifying a partner that will best fit your needs. Remember to check with past clients to hear the highs and lows of the past projects.

Insight: Ensure that you will have access to the progress of the project as it is being built. Bi-weekly check-ins are a minimum.

Tested: QA – you’ll want to ensure that your partner has a dedicated QA testing team looking to mitigate the risk of errors, breaks, or limitations to the rest of your environment.

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