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We Manage the Process

Guiding Your Development Project From Start To Launch

The past 20+ years have made us become well-equipped product managers so that we can communicate effectively with our customers without pulling them into the minutiae of project development. Software development is different from software delivery and to deliver successful software, proper communication is needed.

No one appreciates project managers until they have to be one—or simply live without a good one—on any project of consequence. Timelines get shaky, budgets get blown, and no one knows what responsibilities belong to whom. You can see how easily a big project gets derailed. Care to avoid that? We certainly do.

Localshoring™ manages the development process and you have a guarantee that your project will get done to the conditions we set together at the beginning and throughout the project. Communication, planning and organization are all key to ensuring this process goes smoothly. We’ve done it enough times to know it is not easy and must be respected. We work with you throughout the project showing you what we have done through continuous demos so that you and SEQTEK can communicate clearly.

Every development project is unique and comes with its own set of obstacles, but we’ll work through every step with open communication and demos that let you know where we stand in the process.


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