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What’s Localshoring®

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Localshoring® can be defined as offshoring but local. Localshoring® is our way of effectively managing, communicating, and delivering your software development project – without the hassle of outsourcing it where key elements of the process can be lost. With Localshoring® at SEQTEK, more control and flexibility at a fraction of the cost are available.

There are several advantages to Localshoring®:

  1. Increases velocity and provides better quality of service
  2. Better communication throughout the process due to closer proximity, same language and time zone
  3. Reduces long-tail of maintenance
  4. Increases security

SEQTEK manages the development process and you have a guarantee that your project will get done to the conditions we set together at the beginning and throughout the project. We’ve done it enough times to know it is not easy and must be respected. We work with you throughout the project showing you what we have done through continuous demos so that you and SEQTEK can communicate clearly. Every development project is unique and comes with its own set of obstacles, but we’ll work through every step with open communication and demos that let you know where we stand in the process.



No one appreciates project managers until they have to be one, or live without a good one. Timelines get shaky, budgets get blown, and no one knows what responsibilities belong to whom. You can see how easily a big project gets derailed. Care to avoid that? We certainly do.

SEQTEK locations

Located in Tulsa, OK, SEQTEK has serviced clients all over the Midwest across multiple industries.

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