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The Problem

A major manufacturing company built a reputation as one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of fired heaters, waste heat recovery units, and complementary systems. 

When they realized that their software architecture was outdated, they turned to SEQTEK to lead the development of the modernization of their Legacy order system.

Our client was using a legacy application purchase order system based on access that was being licensed every year. With the legacy application, only one person could use it at a time, making it a hassle to enter loads of data. The application was outdated and could not perform everything our client needed. This outdated system was causing miscommunication, errors and frustration within the company.



The Solution

They trusted SEQTEK to come up with the solution to put an updated application on an internal server so multiple users could use it at the same time. SEQTEK’s team built the application using .NET Core and React to modernize the architecture and create an easier user experience.  Several changes and enhancements were able to be made that were not possible on the older application.  

There are several advantages to migrating from a legacy application to a .NET Core framework, including: 

  • Faster speeds
  • Cloud and DevOps optimization
  • Support for modern architecture
  • Added security advantage

SEQTEK integrated Tulsa Heater’s existing internal SQL Server and deployed to their Windows server environment using IIS. 


    The Outcome

    SEQTEK’s client was able to offer a better user experience for their purchasing department. Originally, the user had to enter the same data multiple times in different areas of the system, in return SEQTEK streamed the data entry process to remove the risk of any duplicate data entries. Also, this development allowed the ability to build more easily to their platform for future developments. This allows them to go in and add any new features when needed at ease. With this new application, our client also stopped paying for the yearly legacy licensing fee. We have been able to identify multiple processes that can now be streamlined in a fraction of time versus what changes on the old application would have taken. 

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