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The Problem

Our client has had the vision to provide the standard in Rod Lift technology and quality.  With that said, they are constantly updating their digital transformation to stay ahead of the competition. They reached out to SEQTEK because they were unable to successfully display the well site data to their customers to create a good user experience. They used a device to sensor and collect data from a well site, however, this device had no mechanism to provide the data to its rightful user. There was no way to present the oil data or make any decision based on it. This device also had the ability to set controls on the well sites. Everything had to be done manually; For example, turning off the pump could not be done with just a click of a button, someone had to actually go out to the well site. Many other similarities around this manual process caused labor hours to add up.


The Solution

Our client trusted SEQTEK to build a cloud based solution to acquire their data and provide that to their customers so they could make decisions based on their data. SEQTEK did just that. Our team put together an application that developed a user interface using AWS, MySQL database, Angular, .NET, and RabbitMQ to deploy this project. The skillset and industry knowledge to accomplish this task is not a readily available resource for companies to find.  Our team having over 20 years of experience in the business were able to help bring big ideas and solutions to this problem and it was an overwhelming success.

    The Outcome

    The implementation of this project provided our client with a complete product that gave a service to their customers to show data of their well sites. This successfully allowed customers to make easier and more confident decisions because they were given the new technology that visualized their data and presented it in an efficient manner. Also, using RabbitMQ in the Field Gateway helped facilitate the amount of traffic that was being managed. Overall, a full solution was provided. Customers of our client would ask, “Is my well performing as best as it can?”, and with the application developed by SEQTEK, that question can now always be answered.

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