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Project Manager

What is the position: The role of the Project Manager is to plan, execute, and finalize projects on time and on budget. Coordinating efforts of team members, vendors, and consultants to deliver projects according to plan is essential. The Project Manager will also define the project’s objectives and oversee quality control throughout its life cycle. What are the responsibilities:

• Under general supervision, oversees various system projects of a highly complex nature.

• Responsible for assembling project team, assigning individual responsibilities, identifying appropriate resources needed, and developing schedules to ensure timely completion of project.

• Must be familiar with the system scope and project objectives, as well as the role and function of each team member, in order to effectively coordinate the activities of the team.

• Manage all aspects of multiple diverse projects

• Utilize expertise and leadership skills to direct staff and to resolve issues to ensure project goals and requirements are met

• Ensure that all projects are delivered on-time, within scope and within budget

• Assist in the definition of project scope and objectives, involving all relevant stakeholders and ensuring technical feasibility


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