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Success Stories

Success is all but built into our software development process, with proven steps and a driven tech team behind you the entire way.

Energy client success


SEQTEK helped an energy company by allowing field engineers to input their data and automatically be sent and collected by the operations team at HQ.

manufacturing client success


An industrial heating company turned to SEQTEK to lead the development of the modernization of their Legacy order system.


inventory management

An event rentals company wanted an easy way to update their stock on their own and ensure customers got the equipment they needed.

gas pump icon

National gas station

When a national convenience store company struggled with backlogged tasks, we coordinated a SEQTEK team devoted to chipping away at it.

machine learning


An oil and gas client trusted SEQTEK to build an application to analyze their data and give to their customers so they could make better decisions.

fintech image


Using existing API’s, a Fintech leader trusted SEQTEK to build, develop, and deploy a mobile application and web-based platform. 



A healthcare organization turned to SEQTEK to revolutionize their UI/UX development for software in the healthcare industry.

agriculture company success icon


An agriculture company chose SEQTEK to create a dashboard using data from the cloud and display it in a web-based application.

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