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Success Stories

Success is all but built into our software development process, with proven steps and a driven tech team behind you the entire way.

Accurate Data—For Everyone On The Team

To create a smarter, more accurate system for oil and gas companies to collect data, we designed MudMetrix, an app that houses key info in one accessible platform.

Staying On Top Of What’s In Stock

In the online rental industry, a solid inventory management system is a must. wanted an easy way to update their stock on their own and ensure customers got the equipment they needed. Turns out, we didn’t need to reinvent the wheel to deliver a top-of-the-line system for our client.

Before the new website, I was spending most of my time checking inventory by hand and either reaching out to customers when items were out of stock or scrambling to purchase that equipment so that we could still rent it. Now that I trust my inventory stock, I can focus my efforts on shipping new deliveries and ensuring rentals are returned on time.

– Warehouse Manager


An Extra Set Of Experts On Hand

When BOK Financial’s internal IT team was spread too thin for a crucial project, our team sprung into action. With in-depth communication and planning, we integrated our SEQTEK developers onto their team, integrating the new data source into their existing system just as seamlessly.


Moving Mountains Of Backlogged Jobs

When a national convenience store company struggled with an endless pile of backlogged tasks, we coordinated a SEQTEK team devoted to chipping away at it. Four years later, we’re still a valuable part of their team in controlling and moving daily IT jobs.

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