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When BOK Financial’s internal IT team was spread too thin for a crucial project, our team sprung into action. With in-depth communication and planning, we integrated our SEQTEK developers onto their team, integrating the new data source into their existing system just as seamlessly.

The Challenge

Add a new data source to the company’s duplicate check deposit detection process for the bank’s new state-of-the-art ATMs. The customer did not have the IT resources to take on the project internally due to other high-priority projects and the fact that the company was in the middle of transitioning certain IT teams to a new office.

The Solution

SEQTEK partnered with BOKF’s IT group to understand the current process and ultimately integrate the new data source into BOKF’s duplicate check deposit detection process on time and under budget.

This was a project that had been in our backlog for years but wasn’t high enough priority to allocate resources to it. Once upper-level management gave us a hard deadline for completion, our backs were against the wall. We partnered with SEQTEK because we knew they would manage the project themselves without requiring much time and effort from our IT group.

– Manager

The Benefits

Outline Clear Objectives

SEQTEK documented the requirements at the beginning of the project so that the project could be easily explained to upper-level management as to what was agreed upon and what SEQTEK’s objectives were.

Turnkey System

Following the project delivery, BOKF was able to turn on and begin using the new physical ATMs that had already been purchased and installed at hundreds of locations.

Fast Learners

BOKF benefited from a dedicated team at SEQTEK that did not require more of the IT group’s time and resources so that they could continue focusing on completing existing projects.

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