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Accurate Data—For Everyone On The Team


To create a smarter, more accurate system for oil and gas companies to collect data, we designed MudMetrix, an app that houses key info in one accessible platform.

The Challenge

Build an app that would minimize the reliance on people for the accuracy of data and easily generate certain reports that show information that is useful to the oil & gas services company’s customers.

The Solution

SEQTEK created MudMetrix, a multi-tenant web-based application that automated much of the mud engineers’ and field supervisors’ processes with accurate data collection and automatically calculated results. We also defined, designed, and delivered several system reports that use the data collected in the app so that users can easily print and email reports to customers.

We love how easy MudMetrix is to use for both the engineers in the field and the supervisors in the office. Since it’s a web-based app, we can pull up the same information in the office that our engineers are viewing when they’re out on-site and with new software releases every four weeks, we continue to see improvements and new features that make our lives easier.


The Benefits

Automatic Calculations

SEQTEK built industry standard calculations into MudMetrix so that engineers no longer have to manage external spreadsheets or calculate certain outputs by hand.

Computerized Management

The application automates the management of drilling fluid inventories at well sites as well as the volumes of mud in and out of the wellbores.

Backed By SEQTEK Team

The customer benefits from a dedicated team at SEQTEK with a product owner that meets with the customer’s stakeholders regularly to define and design new features desired by the app’s users for continual app development.

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