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Moving Mountains of Backlogged Jobs


When a national convenience store company struggled with an endless pile of backlogged tasks, we coordinated a SEQTEK team devoted to chipping away at it. Four years later, we’re still a valuable part of their team in controlling and moving daily IT jobs.

The Challenge

Complete projects from the internal technology group’s backlog while ensuring high-priority projects are continuously delivered on time without overworking developers and managers.

The Solution

SEQTEK partnered with this national convenience store company to focus on the backlog of projects that was continuing to grow. Working in an agile fashion, our scrum teams have been able to take on and deliver tens of projects over the last four years, completely managed by us.

At the beginning of our partnership with SEQTEK, I knew that the definition of success was if my employees could consistently leave the office by 5 o’clock. Throughout the last four years, that’s exactly what we’ve been able to accomplish due to SEQTEK’s teams helping eliminate our backlog.

– Product Owner

The Benefits

Trusted Teammates

The national convenience store company gained a trusted technology partner in SEQTEK that they know they can give projects to and expect completed software that’s delivered on time.

Scale Your Solutions

The customer’s technology group is able to easily manage its backlog in a flexible way by only providing SEQTEK the amount of work it needs to complete at any given time, and because SEQTEK is built to scale its teams quickly, the customer isn’t committed to certain team sizes or overhead for extended periods of time.

Less Long-Tail Maintenance

SEQTEK continues to eliminate what the customer has described as “long-tail maintenance.” Long-tail maintenance is a common pitfall in software development where a project is “done” but requires continuous maintenance and support from the team that delivered it.

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