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Describes the method by which a technology firm builds a relationship with a company in its same geographic region to increase the organization's productivity by reducing backlog, extending an existing development group, and completing new product development, while delivering the desired outcome using any number of methods.

(i.e. Offshore Development but Local)

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Great software starts with a design that is driven by the customer. We work with our clients to map ideas to solutions.


We understand writing code is different than delivering software. Our customers gain our experience and knowledge to reduce risk and increase productivity.


We help our customers take advantage of cloud services offered by our partner Amazon Web Services.

"We deliver successful software on time. We have mastered what we do so that you can stay focused on your business. Localshoring™ allows you to minimize risks, maximize productivity, and build meaningful relationships with us and your customers."

Hank Haines, Founder & CEO

Localshoring™ Internal Offshoring
Design & Development
Research Capable
Common Language/Culture
Common Timezone
Immediate Communications
Face-To-Face Relationship
Project Management
Exponential Velocity Increase
Talent Retention
Increased Focus
Proven Methodologies
Productivity Gains

Sequoyah Technologies has been delivering successful software since 1999. We continuously desire to solve real problems for our clients through knowledge of their business and relationships with their people. Contact us today to start your successful Localshoring™ relationship.